Broadband Deals

Plusnet Full Fibre Broadband

Plusnet’s new full fibre broadband packages are now available across the UK using Openreach FTTP infrastructure, reaching over 7 million UK households. The main advantage of full fibre broadband connections is they are very consistent and reliable. Additionally, Plusnet full-fibre broadband can reach speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s.  Main

Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Broadband

Gig1 is currently the fastest broadband plan from Virgin Media. It offers excellent download speeds which exceed 1Gbps while its upload speed is capped to just 52Mbps. Virgin Media Gig1 is currently available to more than 60% of the UK which means Gig1 is the widely available fibre broadband across

Plusnet or TalkTalk – which broadband should you choose?

Need to choose between TalkTalk and Plusnet? Both are budget broadband providers offering reliable, fast, low-priced broadband with great features. In addition to the amazing savings, fibre broadband packages offered by these providers are great options for streaming, sharing and playing games online.  But, which provider is better for you

Community Fibre vs Hyperoptic broadband

What do Community Fibre and Hyperoptic have in common? Both are full fibre broadband providers offering ultrafast and gigabit broadband service to the buildings in London.Landline is not available with both the operators, however, they offer optional home phone service using VoIP which means you can make phone calls using

Onestream Fibre 55 and Fibre 80 Review

Onestream Fibre 55 is the starter level broadband plan offered by Onestream which has a range of products delivered on both FTTC (partially fibre) and FTTP (full fibre) lines maintained by Openreach. Fibre 55 is also Onestream’s cheapest fibre plan which comes with a month cost £18.95 and no setup

TalkTalk Fibre 150 Review

TalkTalk Fibre 35 vs Fibre 65 vs Fibre 150 – Which is best? TalkTalk fibre offers great service and a wide range of fibre packages to 95% of the UK premises. At the entry level you have two choices – Fibre 35 (38Mbps average) and Fibre 65 (67Mbps average).  TalkTalk

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle Review

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle is quite bigger than the starter level  Big Bundle as Bigger bundle brings together the faster fibre optic broadband and Maxit TV pack which includes all the Entertainment Picks,  BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD and top Sky channels in HD.  Bigger Bundle bundles ultrafast broadband,

Virgin Media M100 Broadband Review

Virgin Media M100 is an ultrafast fibre broadband plan which comes with 108 Mb/s average download speed and 10 Mb/s average upload speed. It offers ultrafast speeds for streaming HD and 4K videos on more than a device. It’s extremely fast even during peak times, so, it’s connection speeds are

Virgin Media M200 Broadband Review

Virgin Media M200 is an ultrafast plan which is 2 times faster than Virgin’s M100 broadband. With its average download speed of 213 Mb/s, you can download a HD movie in a couple of minutes. Though you can connect multiple devices for general use, the connection speeds are sufficient for

Virgin Media M500 Broadband Review

Virgin Media M500 Speed M500 is one of the fastest widely available broadband plans from Virgin Media. It offers average download speed of 516 Mbits/s and 36 Mbits/s upload speeds. It is more than three times faster than broadband with 145 Mb/s speeds from Openreach based providers like BT,