Onestream Fibre 55 and Fibre 80 Review

onestream fibre 55

Onestream Fibre 55 is the starter level broadband plan offered by Onestream which has a range of products delivered on both FTTC (partially fibre) and FTTP (full fibre) lines maintained by Openreach.

Fibre 55 is also Onestream’s cheapest fibre plan which comes with a month cost £18.95 and no setup fee applies. 

Onestream Fibre 55 Speeds

Maximum Download speed55Mbps
Average Download speed45Mbps
Maximum Upload speed10Mbps
Average Upload speed7.5 Mbps

Plan Details

  • Fibre 55 is totally unlimited broadband plan which guarantees no data caps and no slow downs. 
  • Fibre 55 offers flexible contract options – 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. 
  • 14 days free trial. You can cancel without any exit fee.
  • You get free Technicolor TG588v2 router (known as Superstream Router) which comes with all the essential features of a basic WiFi router.
  • UK based customer service

Onestream Fibre 55 Deal

Onestream Fibre 55 costs £18.95 for the first 12 months and then £34.95 a month after that. Although the router is free of cost you will need to pay £9.99 for postal delivery.

Offer: Currently, there is no promotional offer like free voucher or gift. However, the reduced price offer is available for a limited time.

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Fibre 55 vs Fibre 80

Fibre 80 is the next level fibre plan to Fibre 55. Only speeds differ, especially, upload speed which is raised to 17.5Mbps when compared to 7.5Mbps of Fibre 55

Prices do not vary much either. However, it should be noted that Onestream Fibre 80 will cost  £37.95 a month after the first 12 months.  

Is Onestream Fibre 55 the cheapest fibre plan in the UK?

Onestream Fibre 55 is definitely is one of the cheapest fibre plans in the market. You can find cheaper fibre plans from Hyperoptic which is available only in selected cities.

Vodafone, Plusnet and TalkTalk are other cheap broadband providers, however, they do not offer starter lever fibre plan as cheap as Fibre 55.

Why should you choose Onestream Fibre 80?

Fibre 80 offers 400% percent faster speeds than Fibre 55 and you will need to pay just £1 extra a month. 

Faster speeds enable you to connect a couple of devices more. Fibre 80 is also ideal for 4K streaming and gaming as slow speeds can cause buffering and internet lag when you connect more than a couple of devices. 

Overall, Fibre 80 is great option for quick downloads and other high bandwidth activities without the need to spend more, as compared to Fibre 55. 

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