Plusnet Full Fibre Broadband

Plusnet Full Fibre Broadband

Plusnet’s new full fibre broadband packages are now available across the UK using Openreach FTTP infrastructure, reaching over 7 million UK households.

The main advantage of full fibre broadband connections is they are very consistent and reliable. Additionally, Plusnet full-fibre broadband can reach speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s. 

Main features

  • Plusnet full fibre packages offer a range of speeds starting at 145Mbps and going up to 500Mbps.
  • Plusnet full fibre tiers include speeds of 36Mbps, 145Mbps, 300Mbps, and 900Mbps, but Gigabit (900Mbps) service is not yet available.
  • Prices starts at £25.99 per month for 74Mbps and and goes up to £40.99 per month for 500Mbps.
  • Totally unlimited usage, no data caps and no traffic management.
  • Just like FTTP  products, no landline is included. You will need to use VoIP for calling, if needed.
  • The advanced Hub Two router is included.

Plusnet Full Fibre FTTP packages

The new full fibre service offers free setup and a 24-month contract, with a 12 or 18 month contract if needed. New customers usually receive discounts during the minimum contract period, but after that, expensive post-contract prices apply.

While Plusnet FTTP service is broadband only, customers can keep their current phone number by adding a separate phone line for an additional fee.

MGS – Minimum Guaranteed Speed

Post contract prices

  • Full Fibre 74 – £30 a month from 25th month
  • Full Fibre 145 – £35 a month from 25th month
  • Full Fibre 500 – £47 a month from 25th month

Plusnet Hub Two

Plusnet Hub Two

When you subscribe to Plusnet full fibre (FTTP) broadband, you receive Plusnet Hub 2 router, which is similar in design and functionality to BT Smart Hub 2. This advanced router is designed for FTTP broadband and can handle ultrafast and gigabit speeds, delivering faster speeds to all connected devices in your home.

Hub Two has the following specifications:

  • Built-in VDSL2 modem which also supports ADSL and ADSL 2+
  • Dual bands 2.4GHz (3×3 11b/g/n/ac MIMO), 5GHz (4×4 ac) Wave 2
  • Supports maximum speed of 1733Mbs
  • 3 Gigabit connections and 1 WAN port
  • 7 antennas
  • USB port
  • 4G filters 

Why you might need full fibre broadband?

When considering Internet options, it is important to consider the speed, reliability, cost, and availability of the network. A full fibre network offers these benefits and is the best internet option.

Compared to traditional copper connections (ADSL) or FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet) fiber connections, full fibre networks are faster, more reliable, and ideal for certain high-bandwidth applications, such as online gaming and 4K streaming.

Full fibre broadband offers the following advantages over hybrid fibre-optic networks (FTTC):

  • The speed does not decrease proportionally to the distance between the premise and the switch.
  • Faster, more reliable speeds – download and upload
  • Low latency and ping, which is good for gaming

Are Plusnet Full Fibre plans cheaper compared to competitors?

Although Plusnet full fiber is cheaper compared to other providers, the competitors like BT, TalkTalk and Sky are only slightly more expensive for the same speeds. 

Here’s how Plusnet Full Fiber 145 compares to similar plans:

  • Virgin Media M200 broadband only (213Mbps) – £28 a month 
  • Vodafone Superfast 2 (100Mbps) – £25 a month
  • TalkTalk Fibre 150 (145Mbps) – £28 a month 
  • BT Full fibre – £33.99 a month 
  • Sky Ultrafast (145Mbps) – – £33.99 a month

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