TalkTalk Fibre 150 Broadband

TalkTalk Fibre 150 Review

TalkTalk Fibre 150 Broadband

TalkTalk Fibre 35 vs Fibre 65 vs Fibre 150 – Which is best?

TalkTalk fibre offers great service and a wide range of fibre packages to 95% of the UK premises. At the entry level you have two choices – Fibre 35 (38Mbps average) and Fibre 65 (67Mbps average). 

TalkTalk Fibre 150 or Faster Fibre 150 comes in the middle tier – It offers an average download speed of 145Mbps. Full fibre broadband aka Future broadband plans (Fibre 500 and Fibre 900) which offer gigabit speeds (1Gbps) is the top tier.

Among these options, Fibre 35, Fibre 65 and Fibre 150 are widely available and fairly priced. They are also very reliable and good value for money. 

Now, which package should I choose? Of course, you can choose depending on what speeds you need and your budget, what advantages does Fibre 150 have? Is Fibre 150 worthy buying?

If you want to get a fibre package from TalkTalk, Fibre 150 is better option than Fibre 65 and Fibre 35 in terms of value for money. Note that Fibre 150 is more than two times faster than Fibre 65 and compare their prices.

Package Speed
(Download / upload)
Fibre 3538Mbps /
Wi-Fi Hub Black
PAYG calls
Free installation
Fibre 6567Mbps /
£24.45Wi-Fi Hub Black
PAYG calls
Free installation
Fibre 150147Mbps /
£28Wi-Fi Hub /
Next gen Amazon eero 6 router
PAYG calls
Free installation
Fixed Price Plus

TalkTalk Fibre 150

Technically speaking, Fibre 150 (Faster 150 Fibre) is fibre broadband, a technology that comes between FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) and FTTP (fibre to the premises). This advanced technology which can deliver up to 300Mbps helps Fibre 150 deliver the ultrafast speeds. The best speeds are achieved when your premises are within 300 metres from the street cabinet.

If you live in FTTP areas, you can get full fibre Fibre 150, however, this option is available in selected areas in the UK.  


  • Totally unlimited usage – No monthly data caps 
  • No Fair Usage Policy – Speeds are not reduced at peak times
  • Phone line and pay as you go calls are included. 
  • Free home phone calls to TalkTalk landline numbers
  • Easy installation and engineer visit is not required.
  • Gigabit capable WiFi Hub is provided 
  • Fixed Price Plus – No mid-contract price rises
  • Free SuperSafe anti-virus protection is included.
  • Available to 25% of the UK homes

TalkTalk Fibre 150 router and home Wi-Fi

TalkTalk Fibre 150 service is supplied with the advanced, Wi-Fi Hub Black (Sagemcom Fast 5364) which comes with following features:

  • 802.11 ac Wi-Fi standard 
  • Speeds up to 1950Mbps
  • Dual bands
  • 4 gigabit ethernet connections
  • WPA2 security

Full fibre 150 package includes the new Amazon eero 6 router which comes with additional features:

  • 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 standard
  • Beam forming
  • WPA3 security

TalkTalk Fibre 150 Deals

You can get TalkTalk Fibre 150 broadband and phone package and this comes with landline service with pay as you go calls. You can add call plans at anytime. 

TalkTalk TV is an add-on service which is exclusively available to the broadband customers. The TV packages includes the new, 4K enabled Netgem TV box and basic TV pack (88+ channels). You can subscribe to premium contents such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Sky TV.

  • Fibre 150 Broadband + landline (PAYG calls)
    £29.95 a month. No upfront cost. 
  • Fibre 150 Broadband +landline (PAYG calls) + TV channels (88+)
    £33.95 a month. No upfront cost. 

Is TalkTalk Fibre 150 any good?


  • Fibre 150 gives more solid broadband than the usual FTTC plans. 
  • Price is super cheap when compared BT and Virgin Media.
  • Its ultrafast speeds are great for 4K streaming and online gaming. 
  • More than 10 devices can be connected simultaneously for general activities and 3+ devices for 4K streaming.
  • The packages includes some nice extras such as SuperSafe internet security, fixed price plus and the latest Wi-Fi Hub.


  • TalkTalk is usually rated low for customer service, especially, when you experience technical issues.  
  • Fibre 150 is not as widely available as Fibre 65, so if it is not available in  your area,  you have to wait.

TalkTalk Fibre 65

TalkTalk Fibre 65 is the provider’s most popular service as it is budget-friendly as well as an ideal option for most UK homes which generally use 3 to 5 devices at the same time.

TalkTalk Fibre 65 download speeds (67Mbps) and upload speeds (18Mbps) are really good for streaming and online gaming. One or two devices can be connected when you access high-bandwidth activities.

Fibre 65 is available to more than 95% of the UK. You can get it easily.

When do you need Fibre 150 upgrade?

When you need to connect more devices, say 10+, or many users at your home stream 4K videos and play online games simultaneously, you may need faster, stabler broadband than Fibre 65. 

When you are not happy with the speeds that you get with Fibre 65, you can go for Fibre 150 upgrade. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum guaranteed speed for Fibre 150?

The advertised download speed of Fibre 150 is 147Mbps (user average speed). This means 50% of the users can get this speed. 

There is no such as minimum guaranteed speed for Fibre 150 on the website. However, you can get the minimum speed for your location from TalkTalk. 

The expected speed range depends up on the distance between your premise and the street cabinet. 

TalkTalk Broadband Deals in Your Area