Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Broadband

Gig1 is currently the fastest broadband plan from Virgin Media. It offers excellent download speeds which exceed 1Gbps while its upload speed is capped to just 52Mbps.

Virgin Media Gig1 is currently available to more than 60% of the UK which means Gig1 is the widely available fibre broadband across the UK. Just check whether you live in areas of Virgin’s cable network, you can get it.

Gig1 broadband only1130MbpsNo phone line£60
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Gig1 with landline1130MbpsIncludes weekend calls£64
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As Gig1 offers gigabit speeds which is usually a specification of the top-tier broadband plans, one may naturally think that Gig1 could be very expensive, however, the comparison between Gig 1 and other similar plans from other providers would give the right picture:

Average Speed
Download / Upload
Monthly cost
Virgin Media Gig11130Mbps / 52Mbps£60
BT Full Fibre 900900Mbps / 110Mbps£54.99
Hyperoptic 900Mbps / 900Mbps£33
TalkTalk Future Fibre900Mbps / 100Mbps£49
Sky900Mbps / 100Mbps£52

As we compare, Gigi is slightly expensive plan, however, you get significantly faster download speeds.  Other Openreach based providers offer faster upload speeds, while, Hyperoptic offers the same upload speed as download speed.

Gig1 upload speeds are definitely not impressive when compared to its gigabit download speed. However, 52Mbps average upload speed is still decent for gaming and 4K streaming. 

Compared to Gig1, other providers offer cheaper options to users who are looking out for gigabit broadband service. 

Availability is a crucial factor and Virgin Media Gig1 has an advantage over its competitors. It is available in more locations across the UK while Openreach’s gigabit broadband is available to just 25% of the UK.

Hyperoptic which offers the cheapest product in this tier, has very limited availability, its service covers only selected cities in the UK. 


By 2021 end, Virgin Media has fully upgraded its network to DOCSIS 3.1 which should deliver faster and more reliable speeds than the older DOCSIS 3 network. 

As Gig1 performance data is not currently available, the latest Ofcom report can help us know the performance of ultrafast services in the UK.

According to Ofcom speed report, Virgin M500’s performance is very impressive. The service delivered average download speed of 490Mbps against the advertised speed of 516Mbps in March 2021.

Openreach based providers like BT, TalkTalk and Sky are capable of delivering faster upload speeds as their services are delivered via FTTP network (fibre to the premises) which is completely built with fibre optic cable. 

By comparison, the last mile in Virgin’s still network still uses coaxial cables which have technical disadvantages when compared to full fibre network.

Virgin Media Hub 4 

Gig1 customers get Hub 4 which supports DOCSIS 3.1 and speeds of up to 2,183 Mbps on both bands. It’s superior performance should help users get faster, more reliable WiFi around the home. It’s also compatible with WiFi extenders to help amplify signals in interior areas.

Overall, Hub 4 is a great router with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 4 gigabit slots and advanced security features.

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