Virgin Media M200 review

Virgin Media M200 Broadband Review

Virgin Media M200 review

Virgin Media M200 is an ultrafast plan which is 2 times faster than Virgin’s M100 broadband. With its average download speed of 213 Mb/s, you can download a HD movie in a couple of minutes. Though you can connect multiple devices for general use, the connection speeds are sufficient for 4K streaming on 3 – 5 devices at the same time.

M200 offers higher bandwidth and ultrafast speeds at great pricing. If you look for reliable, fibre solution for 4K streaming and for multiple devices, M200 is definitely worthy to consider. 


  • Truly, ultrafast speeds and unlimited usage
  • Available with calls, TV and no phone line option
  • 18 month and 1 month contract options
  • Excellent WiFi with Hub 3


  • Not available in all places in the UK

The plan is available in 60% of the UK and you can check the availability in your area using our postcode checker.


M200 Speeds

M200 is also faster when uploading files,  you can upload large amount data in minutes, at an average speed of 20 Mb/s . 

M200 deals and offers

PackageIncludedMonthly cost
M200 broadband and phoneHub 3
Talk Weekend
M200 broadband, phone and SIMHub 3
Talk Weekend
M200 broadband only. Free setupHub 3
No Phone line

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Is M200 fibre broadband unlimited? 

All Virgin Media broadband plans including M200, come with totally unlimited usage without any traffic management or any hidden data caps. Downloads are absolutely unmetered and speeds are not manually reduced by the operator at any time.

Virgin Media Hub 3 

Virgin Media Hub 3

Hub 3 can handle 500 Mb/s+ download speeds and comes with the new Intelligent WiFi technology which removes all the WiFi hotspots in your home. Connecting to Virgin Media Connect App, the router automatically fixes WiFi issues and optimises WiFi signal. 

Hub 3 operates in two bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), in 802.11ac mode and comes with 4Gigabit connections and the latest security features.   

Talk Weekends

Home phone calls to 0870 numbers are included with M200 broadband and phone package. Free voicemail is also included for no extra cost. 

No Phone Line 

M200 broadband only plan offers  you just internet access without home phone. 

TV bundles 

Bigger TV bundle includes M200 broadband with Talk Weekend. Virgin TV packages include free 360 TV box and 110 – 260 TV channels. With more price discounts and single bill, you can get all the services at one place.

O2 Mobile SIM

 M200 with Oomph includes 10GB O2 mobile SIM. Unlimited data is included in SIM for Oomph customers during the time of total loss of broadband connectivity. 

30 days rolling contract

Virgin Media also offers flexible 1 month contract while the standard 18 month contract remains a money saver.  

Virgin Media Fibre Deals Comparison

virgin media
Download /
upload speed
Monthly cost
(Includes Talk Weekend)
M100108 Mb/s /
10 Mb/s
M200213 Mb/s /
20 Mb/s
M350362 Mb/s /
36 Mb/s
M500516 Mb/s /
36 Mb/s

Virgin Media broadband deals in your area

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