BT broadband

BT Broadband Review

The Good

  1. BT broadband has superb coverage and availability. Its superfast broadband service (30Mbps+)  is available to more than 97%  of the UK. Its ultra-fast, full fibre broadband service along with service reaches nearly 6m UK homes. Its 5G service which you can add to broadband, is now live in 100 cities and towns.
  2. Next generation, BT Smart Hub 2 is one of the best WiFi routers that can simply connect more devices and get the fast, strong signal in every room. Security features are flawless.
  3. Stay Fast Guarantee and Complete WiFi guarantee promise  faster speeds or you can claim money back. BT does not slow down speeds, as it promises truly unlimited broadband service to its customers.
  4. Broadband Extras like free public WiFi, BT Cloud and Virus Protect help you get great value for your money.

The Bad

  1. BT broadband packages are quite expensive when compared to Plusnet and TalkTalk. 
  2. BT broadband deals come with 24 month contract 

BT Broadband Deals

Fibre Essential
36Mb Unlimited data PAYG calls
24 month contract
£25.99 /month
Fibre 1
50Mb Unlimited data PAYG calls
24 month contract
Free setup £26.99 /month
Fibre 2
67Mb Unlimited data PAYG calls
24 month contract
Free setup £30.99 /month
Fibre 100
145Mb Unlimited data PAYG calls
24 month contract
Free setup£33.99 /month
Fibre 500
500Mb Unlimited data PAYG calls
24 month contract
Free setup£43.99 /month

Offer: Includes £110 reward card. Ends 25th August 2022

BT Broadband Features

BT Smart Hub 

BT Smart Hub

Smart Hub is the broadband wireless router from BT. Available with all fibre packages for no extra cost. Smart Hub is designed to offer strong signal around your home. It’s tweaked to offer the best WiFi performance using features like 7 antenna, smart channel selection and smart scan. 

BT Smart Hub 2

The new BT Smart Hub 2 is included with Complete Wi-Fi or with selected fibre packages. Complete Wi-Fi ensures that you get more reliable, stronger WiFi signal in all  rooms. 

Stay Fast Guarantee 

BT fibre packages come with Stay Fast Guarantee which allows you to claim  £20 Reward Card, if you can’t get the promised speeds. 

UK based customer support

BT offers UK and Ireland based customer service to broadband customers.

BT Complete WiFi 

Complete WiFi gives you wi-fi guarantee that you get signal in all rooms or you can claim money back. 

BT Complete WiFi

Wi-Fi disc is provided along with Smart Hub to ensure strong signal in every room. BT app helps you mange wi-fi network in your home to enhance the reception of signal in every room. 

Truly Unlimited Broadband 

BT offers unlimited broadband with no limits on downloads so extra usage charges never apply. 

BT also promises faster speeds all the time as broadband speeds are not slowed down. 

BT Virus Protect 

You get online protection on your devices from malware, viruses and other online threats

BT Cloud

BT offers up to 2000GB of cloud storage to backup all your data. 

BT Broadband Speeds and Performance

BT offers standard broadband (ADSL), superfast broadband (FTTC) and ultrafast broadband. 

BT Broadband Speeds

  • Standard broadband comes with an average download speed of 10Mbps. 
  • Superfast Fibre broadband comes with five different average download speeds – 36Mbps, 50Mbps, 67Mbps,145Mbps, 250Mbps and 300Mbps.
  • Full fibre broadband which can deliver 100Mbps –  300Mbps speeds is available in selected areas.

Ofcom Broadband Speed report May 2020 

Ofcom Broadband Speed Report 2020

Latest Ofcom broadband speed report May 2020 is based on the tests conducted during November 2019. 

As per the report, BT broadband packages delivered the following speeds: 

Package Average (real-world)
Download Speed
Fibre 1
Fibre 2
Fibre Essential
Fibre 100 N.A
Fibre 300 298.7Mbps

BT broadband customer service

The UK Broadband regulator Ofcom has published its latest annual report 2020 on customer satisfaction for home broadband broadband providers including BT. The survey was conducted in January 2020.

86% of the customers were found to be satisfied with BT broadband service overall, as per the table:

See the full Ofcom report

Ofcom broadband complaints report 2020
Ofcom Broadband Customers’complaints Report 2020

Likewise, broadband complaints against BT service also remained lower (13 complaints per 100,000 customers) during Q3 2019, according to the latest Ofcom’s consumer complaints report 2020 released in January 2020.



You can choose TV and broadband packages from BT, however, standalone TV plans are not available to customers.

BT TV includes You View boxes and a wide range of TV channels like BT Sport, movies, entertainment, kids, 4K Ultra HD and catch up.

Read our BT TV Review

BT Phone and 4G mobile

BT Phone

BT PhoneBroadband packages include PAYG calls to all UK landlines, UK mobiles and 0845 and 0870 numbers excluding the Channel Islands that will cost 20p per minute. Line rental £20.20 a month is included in the broadband tariff so no extra charges apply.

You can upgrade to Anytime calls, Unlimited minutes and International Freedom 

BT phone comes with features like Call Diversion, 1471, Caller Display and the free BT Call Protect feature to help you stop unwanted calls.

BT Mobile

BT Mobile

BT 4G mobile plans can be added to your broadband and you get £5 discount on monthly plans. 

BT Mobile offers SIM only deals and handset plans that include iPhone, selected smartphones and tablets. Data only SIM deals are also available to customers who can use them in iPad, tablet or mobile devices. 

Family SIM plan allows you to get up to 5 SIMs with one subscription and get 20% off. There is also money back guarantee within 30 days of subscription. 

Add ons help you get extra speed, roaming and Wi-Fi & 4G calling.