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EE Broadband Review

EE offers home broadband, phone and mobile services to millions of UK homes. It’s well-known for its fastest 4G mobile in the UK. It also offers TV packs to its existing customers.

Like BT, EE also offers ultra-fast fibre packages (145Mbps & 300Mbps average download speed along with superfast fibre packages (36Mbps & 67Mbps).

Home broadband customers who have subscribed for EE mobile can also get 5GB of monthly mobile data for no extra cost.

EE Broadband Deals

EE offers standard and fibre broadband packages. Fibre broadband plans come with various speed options that help you choose from 10Mbps to 900Mbps.

EE Unlimited 

EE Unlimited is budget friendly broadband plan for a family with 1 – 2 users for browsing and streaming standard videos.

This ADSL plan comes with 10 Mbps average download speed and 1 Mbps average upload speed.

EE Fibre 

EE Fibre is the entry-level fibre plan with 36 Mbps average download speed and 9 Mbps average upload speed.

EE Fibre is suitable for sharing broadband among up to 5 users for HD streaming and browsing.

EE Fibre Plus 

Fibre Plus provides 67 Mbps average download speed which is ideal for large families with 5+ users for HD streaming and gaming.  

EE Fibre Max 

Fibre Max plans offer three different ultra-fast speeds – 100 Mb, 300Mb and 900Mb.

EE Fibre Max plans are great for streaming full HD and 4K videos on multiple devices and for online gaming.

PackageAverage speed
Download / Upload
Unlimited10Mbps /
No phone line £23.50
Fibre36Mbps /
No phone line
Free setup
Fibre Plus67Mbps /
No phone line
Free setup
Fibre Max100Mbps /
No phone line
Free setup


EE broadband features

Totally Unlimited

EE broadband comes with totally unlimited usage and superfast & ultra-fast speeds.

There is neither speed reduction during peak times nor any data caps on your monthly usage.

EE Home Phone

EE broadband includes home phone line rental and pay as you go calls. 

You can add call plans starting from £8 a month extra. 

EE fibre plans are also available without home phone line to help you cut the cost of line rental.


Free Mobile Data Boost

EE offers free mobile data of 5GB – 20GB a month, when you bundle a broadband plan with your pay monthly mobile plan.

£50 Early Cancellation Credit 

When you leave your current provider early with cancellation charges, EE offers £50 credit.

EE Smart Hub

EE Smart Hub

EE Smart Hub is specially designed for EE fibre optic broadband connections. All fibre deals include it for no extra cost. 

The dual band router (2.4GHz (3×3 802.11b/g/n/ac) up to 290 Mbps speed and 5GHz (4×4 802.11a/n/ac) up to 1700 Mbps) is powered by 7 internal WiFi antennas for reliable, powerful WiFi signal around your home. 

There are four gigabit connections so multiple devices can be connected and WPA2 wireless security is enabled for complete protection. 

EE access control feature helps you manage kids’ online activities on various devices.



EE triple-play package (broadband, TV and phone) includes Apple TV 4K which comes with BT Sport too. EE offers it as an exclusive package to its mobile customers.

Apple TV also includes BBC iPlayer, ITV hub and All 4 and you can add Netflix, Prime Video and access to HD & 4K content from iTunes and Apple TV app.

EE Customer Service

EE offers outstanding customer service to its broadband customers and always generated the best customer satisfaction levels in Ofcom surveys.

EE came second after Plusnet in Ofcom broadband customer satisfaction survey 2020 with 88% of satisfied customers.

The results were based on the survey conducted in January 2020.

Ofcom Broadband Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020

EE Broadband Speeds

EE broadband plans offer following download and upload speeds. While actual speeds might vary, around 50% of the users are promised these speeds. When you sign up, EE lets you know the estimated speeds for your area. 

Advertised Speeds  

Download Speed
Upload Speed
EE Standard10 Mb/s1 Mb/s
EE Fibre36 Mb/s9 Mb/s
EE Fibre Plus67 Mb/s18 Mb/s
Fibre Max 100145 Mb/s
Fibre max 300 145 Mb/s
Fibre Max 900145 Mb/s

Actual Speeds (based on Ofcom 2020 report) 

EE download speeds significantly vary depending on type of network (ADSL or hybrid-fibre or pure fibre), and the following speeds are based on speeds tests sponsored by the UK broadband regulator Ofcom (May 2020 report).

PackageActual download speed
(8 – 10pm)
Standard10.1 Mb/s
Fibre32.8 Mb/s
Fibre Plus56.7 Mb/s
Fibre Max 100144.3 Mb/s
Fibre Max 300298.7 Mb/s
Ofcom Broadband Speeds 2020
Source: Ofcom

Our EE Broadband Review

EE home broadband has greatly improved its performance and customer service, as one can see from surveys from Ofcom and customer reviews.

It offers ultra-fast speeds, though, they currently do not have as much coverage as its superfast plans.

EE broadband, though, is not as cheap as TalkTalk or Plusnet, offers value for money with its free mobile data and excellent Smart Hub router.

EE Broadband Deals In Your Area