Plusnet Broadband Review

plusnet broadband

Like TalkTalk, Plusnet is a low cost broadband provider helping customers to save money. Plusnet offers ADSL and fibre broadband with home phone and even mobile and TV.

All deals include unlimited usage, wireless router, Safeguard parental controls and pay as you go calls, while broadband only option (broadband without line rental) is also available. You can add suitable call plan to upgrade your home phone.

Plusnet offers UK based customer support and flexible contract lengths of 1 month, 12 month and 18 month.

Plusnet Broadband Deals

Plusnet offers standard (ADSL) and fibre broadband plans. Plusnet brodband packages include home phone as standard with option to make PAYG calls. You can add a call plan – anytime or international calls.

All Plusnet deals come with unlimited usage, free wireless router, Safeguard online protection and 18 month contract.

Plusnet Unlimited

Plusnet Unlimited is ADSL broadband plan which offers 10Mbps average download speed and 1Mbps average upload speed. Speeds are quite enough for 1 – 2 users, browsing and streaming videos.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre comes with 36Mbps average download speed and 9Mbps average upload speed. Ideal for small households, HD streaming and quicker downloads.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra

Fibre Extra offers 66Mbps average download speed and 18Mbps average upload speed. The plan offers excellent speeds for connecting multiple devices, smoother HD streaming and online gaming.

download speed
upload speed
Plusnet Unlimited10 Mbps1 Mbps£18.99
Plusnet Unlimited
36 Mbps9 Mbps £22.99
Plusnet Unlimited
Fibre Extra
66 Mbps18 Mbps £24.99

Offer: Includes £65 Reward card

Plusnet Hub One

Plusnet Hub One

Plusnet fibre broadband packages come with Hub One, a dual band wireless router packed with features like WiFi ac ( 802.11b/g/n/ac) , 4 gigabit connections, USB slot, WPS and IPv6 support.

Its ADSL customers get Hub Zero router which supports only standard, ADSL broadband connection.

Plusnet broadband customer satisfaction report

Plusnet has 86% of broadband customers who are satisfied with its service, reveals the latest annual Ofcom 2019 report.

Plusnet  broadband customer satisfaction
Source: Ofcom

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Plusnet broadband customer complaints report

Plusnet broadband complaints topped Ofcom survey in Q1 2019. However, the volume of complaints fell sharply, when compared to Q4 2018.

Plusnet broadband complaints
Source: Ofcom

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Plusnet TV

Plusnet offers YouView TV exclusively to fibre customers. The TV add-on will cost extra. There is one-off cost which applies to YouView box (pause and rewind) and YouView+ box (pause, rewind & record live TV)

The TV package includes 70 freeview channels, 20 premium Entertainment channels and BT Sport Lite. 7 day catch-up, popular on-demand players and thousands of on-demand online videos are also included.

Is Plusnet Broadband any good?

Plusnet offers broadband deals at super-low pricing. Along with discounts, new customers also get cashback and reward cards which significantly reduce the over-all cost.

Its customer service is quite outstanding and Plusnet successfully has been maintaining the quality of its service over the years.