Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy offers simple, low-cost broadband packages and exclusive rewards to its energy customers. It is mainly Openreach based provider but uses the infrastructure of TalkTalk in some areas.

Basically an energy provider, Shell Energy entered broadband market in 2016 and in 2021, Shell Energy has taken over Post Office broadband, increasing its customer base from 130k to 580k in early 2022.

Like major UK providers, Shell Energy offers a wide range of choices – superfast fibre and ultrafast fibre. Its mid-tier packages are more cheaper and attractively priced.

What are Shell Energy broadband features and is it good choice for broadband? Is the service and customer support reliable?

Cost-effective – Cheaper monthly cost, no upfront costOutdated router
Exclusive Shell Go+ rewards
Ultrafast speeds are available
Local call centers

Shell Energy Broadband Deals

DealAverage Speed
Download / Upload
Fast +
PAYG calls
/ 1Mbps
 Free setup £17.99 
Superfast Fibre +
PAYG calls
/ 9Mbps
   Free setup
Superfast Fibre Plus +
PAYG calls
/ 17Mbps
   Free setup £23.99 
Ultrafast Fibre +
PAYG calls
/ 25Mbps
Free setup£41.99


  • Unlimited broadband usage
  • Basic, single band, 802.11n Wi-Fi router (Technicolor TG588V V2) with ADSL plan (11Mbps)
  • Dual band, 802.11ac WiFi router (Technicolor DWA0120) with fibre broadband packages
  • PAYG calls 
  • 18 month contract 
  • PAYG – Pay as you go calls included in broadband and phone packages (Standard rate 13p/min)

Home phone (plans start from £6 a month)

  • Evenings & Weekends calls –   To UK landlines and UK mobiles
  • Anytime calls – To UK landlines
  • Anytime Plus calls – To UK landlines and UK mobiles 
  • International calls 

Free Extras

  • Exclusive rewards to Shell Energy customers
  • Petrol at discounted rates at Shell Energy Stations.

Is Shell Energy broadband reliable?

Like most UK providers, Shell Energy uses Openreach network to offer its broadband service.

Having a small customer base, Shell Energy broadband is not included in Ofcom’s broadband speeds and performance reports, however, Ofcom’s research reveals the average, real-world speeds of its FTTC and broadband network which is also used by Shell Energy.

According to the broadband speed tests 2021 (conducted by Ofcom), the 36Mbps-38Mbps tier and 66-67Mbps tier delivered average download speeds of 36Mbps and 54.6Mbps respectively during peak times (8 – 10pm).

Shell Energy broadband customer service

Shell Energy customer support is available as following options:

  • Live chat – 8am to 9pm (weekdays) and 9am to 4pm (Saturdays)
  • Phone –  You can call 0330 094 5801 [8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am to 4pm (Saturdays)]
  • Email – Contact form is available
  • Contact via Twitter and Facebook


How can I get Shell Energy broadband?

Shell Energy broadband is available as following options:

  • Broadband and phone (line only) bundles
  • Ultrafast broadband upgrade (speed range 160Mbps – 330Mbps) 

Does Shell Energy offer TV bundles?

  • Shell Energy does not offer no phone line option and TV bundles


You can get Shell Energy broadband in areas where Openreach network has coverage.

  • Superfast broadband availability (35Mbps – 67Mbps) – 95% of the UK homes
  • Ultrafast broadband availability (145Mbps)  – 25% of the UK homes

Shell Energy broadband in your area