Sky broadband

Sky Broadband Review

Sky offers a range of broadband packages which come with totally unlimited data, Sky broadband Hub and 18 month contract. One time setup-cost applies.

Guarantee Minimum speeds are assured for fibre broadband customers who can claim money back, if the speed drops below the promised speeds.

Sky Broadband Essential Plus

  • Essential is ADSL plan which comes with 11Mbps average download speed.
  • Essential broadband offers decent speeds for emails, YouTube streaming, browsing and social media.

Sky Broadband Superfast

  • Sky broadband superfast comes with 59Mbps average download speed.
  • Sky Superfast is great for HD streaming and for connecting 2 – 4 devices.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus

  • Ultrafast and Ultrafast plans come with an average download speed of 145Mbps and 500Mbps respectively.
  • Ultrafast speed of 100Mbps+ is recommended for 4K streaming and online gaming on multiple devices.
PackageAverage speed
Download / Upload
Essential Plus11Mbps /
Superfast59Mbps /
Free setup £26
Ultrafast145Mbps /
Free setup £32
Ultrafast Plus500Mbps /

Sky Broadband Hub

Sky Q Hub and Sky Hub

There are two routers from Sky: Sky Q Hub and Sky Hub.

Sky Hub is the latest wireless router with 4 ethernet ports (support 1Gbps speeds) and 8 antennae and the best security features. It ensures that you get faster wireless speeds, the widest coverage in your home and the best WiFi performance.

The new Hub is also VoIP enabled so you can make voice calls via internet.

Sky Broadband Boost

Sky broadband boost will cost £2.50 extra a month. Additional features that you get are:

  • You can arrange free engineer visits at a time that suits you
  • Your broadband lines get daily checks to ensure the connection is hassle free
  • During broadband drop outs, you get free 2GB mobile data on your Sky Mobile account
  • You get Sky Broadband Buddy app to manage family’s TV screen time, Sky Hubs and unlimited number of devices.

Sky TV

Sky offers Sky TV subscriptions and TV & broadband bundles. There is Sky Entertainment TV pack (includes Sky Atlantic & 40 catch up channels) which is basic, and you can add Sky Sports and Cinema and other premium channels.

Ultra HD enabled, Sky Q box can record multiple channels and store 500 hours of TV shows. With Sky Q Mini boxes, you can get seamless watching in different rooms or you can use them as WiFi hotspots around your home.

With Sky Go app, you can watch Sky TV on your mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

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Sky Broadband Shield

This online protection feature is added to all Sky broadband packages for no extra cost.

It includes:

  • Parental controls to manage the access based on three age rating settings.
  • Block or allow the websites
  • Basic level protection from malware, phishing and viruses
  • Safe search settings with search engine results

How fast is Sky broadband in real-world?

Standard, ADSL broadband from Sky comes with average download speed of 11Mbps. Average speed is the speed achievable for at least 50% of the customers at peak time.

Sky Superfast fibre broadband offers 59Mbps average download speed.

Superfast speeds are ideal for streaming HD videos & TV shows and sharing connection.

Following Ofcom’s findings (2019 speed report) will help you know the real-world speeds of Sky broadband packages

Sky broadband speeds report Ofcom

Sky broadband customer satisfaction report

83% of Sky broadband customers are satisfied with Sky, reveals Ofcom’s latest, annual report 2019 on customer satisfaction levels.

Sky broadband customer satisfaction
Source: Ofcom

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Sky broadband customer complaints report

Sky has been the least complained about broadband provider over many quarters. There were only 5 complaints per 100,000 customers in Q1 2019, according to Ofcom’s latest quarterly report.

Source: Ofcom

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Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile subscriptions are available with or without Sky TV. There are SIM only deals, mobile phones and tablets from Sky.

You can roll over your mobile data to next month, using Sky Piggybank.