TalkTalk Broadband Review

TalkTalk broadband and TV services are relatively cheaper when compared to other providers like Sky, BT and Virgin Media. Being a major operator, TalkTalk offers ADSL broadband and superfast, fibre packages with options to add home phone plans and TV packages.. 

TalkTalk TV is exclusively available to broadband customers. All TalkTalk broadband plans include unlimited usage, free wireless router and pay as  you go calls. 

TalkTalk broadband also includes free extras like HomeSafe Security and parental controls.

TalkTalk Broadband Deals

TalkTalk Fibre Broadband

TalkTalk offers a couple of superfast, fibre plans and ultra-fast plans which are available at attractive pricing. Speeds are quite good enough for streaming HD videos, downloads and for gaming. Free setup means no upfront costs while  the 18 month contract applies.

Fibre 3538 Mbps download speed
9 Mbps upload speed
PAYG calls.
Fibre 6567 Mbps download speed
17 Mbps upload speed
PAYG calls.
Fibre 150145 Mbps download speed
25 Mbps upload speed
PAYG calls.
Fast11 Mbps download speed
1 Mbps upload speed
PAYG calls.

TalkTalk Fast Broadband

TalkTalk Fast is ADSL plan with 11Mbps average download speed and 1Mbps average upload speed. The speeds are really fast enough, if your internet usage is mostly browsing and occasional streaming and downloads. Though, the pricing is not so cheap, yet the free setup is a good money saver, while the 18 month contract applies. 

TalkTalk Broadband Features

Superfast & Ultra-fast speeds at affordable pricing

TalkTalk provides fibre broadband which allows you to choose download speeds in a range of 38 Mb –  145 Mb.

TalkTalk Fibre plans are affordable and great for streaming, quicker downloads & online gaming. 

Totally unlimited usage 

TalkTalk plans come with absolutely no restrictions on data usage and connection speeds are not shaped during peak times.

WiFi Hub 

TalkTalk fibre packages include the latest WiFi Hub wireless router which comes with excellent reception, wireless range and security setup. The dual band router is designed with a powerful antennae, 4 Gigabit connections and a USB connection. 

Home Phone 

All TalkTalk broadband plans include home phone line which allows you to make PAYG calls, You can add anytime calls and international call plans to your main package. 

TV bundles 

TalkTalk TV packs are exclusively available to broadband customers who can add TV boosts on 1 month contract or just sign up for triple-play bundles on 18 month contract. TalkTalk TV customers can add Sky TV and Sport channels as add-ons.

Internet Security

HomeSafe is included and this feature protects your children from inappropriate web content as well as protect multiple devices from malware, viruses and phishing. 

Advanced, SuperSafe is included in fibre packages.

Other Pricing Features 

  • 30 day connection guarantee
  • No setup cost

TalkTalk Broadband Speeds

TalkTalk offers both standard, ADSL broadband and fibre based, superfast broadband so you can choose the right speed that’s best for you. 

Advertised Speeds

PackageAverage speed
TalkTalk Fast11Mbps
TalkTalk Fibre 3538Mbps
TalkTalk Fibre 6567Mbps
TalkTalk Fibre 150145Mbps

Actual Speeds 

We have provided below, the actual speeds that users get at their ends. The download speeds are based on the speed tests sponsored by the UK broadband regulator Ofcom in 2020.

PackageActual Download speeds
(during 8 – 10pm)
Fibre 3532.8Mbps
Fibre 6556.7Mbps
Fibre 145144.3Mbps
Ofcom Broadband Speeds 2020
Source: Ofcom Broadband Speed Report May 2020

TalkTalk broadband customer service

When compared to major providers, TalkTalk broadband had the lowest customer satisfaction levels, according to Ofcom report 2020. 78% of broadband customers were satisfied with its service. 

When it comes to its landline service, TalkTalk had 83% of satisfied customers 

Source: Ofcom report 2020

In terms of consumer complaints, TalkTalk landline service generated the highest number of complaints (17 per 100,000 customers) in Q1 2020, according to the latest Ofcom report September 2020. TalkTalk broadband also registered the second highest number of complaints (22 complaints 100,000 customers) after Vodafone home broadband during the same quarter in 2020.

Source: Ofcom report September 2020

Is TalkTalk Broadband any good?

TalkTalk broadband is an excellent option for households that  look out for value for money deals and excellent savings. The provider offers low-cost fibre plans, TV bundles with flexible contracts..

TalkTalk Broadband Deals in Your Area