Vodafone Broadband Review

vodafone fibre broadband

Vodafone home broadband does not offer too many packages but only a few superfast, fibre broadband plans at affordable pricing to its customers.

All deals include free WiFi hub broadband router, PAYG calls and 6 month F-Secure Safe internet security. You get £2 discount a month when taken with SIM only plans.

The provider also offers Ultimate Broadband Guarantee which ensures minimum sync speed or 15% discount if you are unable to get it.

You are also provided with a broadband app to manage connectivity and free parental controls for online protection.

Vodafone Broadband Speeds

Vodafone offers three superfast, fibre broadband plans which come with an average download speed of 35Mbps , 63Mbps and 100Mbps.

Vodafone Ultrafast broadband plans come 200Mbps and 500Mbps average download speeds,

Vodafone Gigafast broadband comes with an average download speed of 900Mbps.

Download speed
Superfast 135Mbps
Superfast 263Mbps
Vodafone 100100Mbps
Vodafone 200200Mbps

Fibre speeds are great for HD streaming and sharing, however, faster, fibre speeds are ideal for HD & 4K streaming, connecting more devices and gaming online.

However, the availability of Vodafone ultrafast & Gigafast broadband services are currently limited to selected cities and towns in the UK.

Vodafone Broadband Deals

Vodafone offers two basic level superfast, fibre broadband plans and one ultrafast broadband plan:

Vodafone Superfast 1

35Mbps average download speed and 10Mbps average upload speed.  

Vodafone Superfast 2

63Mbps average download speed and 20Mbps average upload speed.  

Vodafone Superfast 100

102Mbps average download speed and 102Mbps average upload speed.  

What is included

  • Unlimited usage
  • Home phone and PAYG calls 
  • WiFi Hub 

Contract terms

  • From just £22 a month. No setup fee
  • 24 month contract applies