EE Mobile

EE Mobile Review

EE is the first mobile operator to launch 5G service in the UK in 2019. Its 4G service is available to 99% of the households across the UK. 

EE offers SIM only plans, pay monthly and pay as you go phones, tablets and more which are bundled with its mobile plans. 

Being the fastest and very reliable network, EE’s tariffs are usually costlier than its competitors. 


  • EE 5G network is available in more than 70 cities and towns across the UK. 
  • EE 4G is available to 95%+ of the UK households. 
  • Six swappable benefits are available with pay monthly Smart plans
  • Mobile contracts include the latest handsets and a range of data plans 
  • SIM only offers allow you to use EE network on any devices of your choice – phone, or WiFi or tablet.
  • Pay monthly plans offer 12 or 30 days contract options. 
  • Pay as you go deals allow you to get mobile with upfront fee or use free SIM with add-ons of your choice. 
  • EE offers unlimited data plans along with various data allowances and also allow you to transfer your spare data to anyone. 
  • EE offers UK & Ireland based customer service.
  • Free EU roaming when you travel across 48 destinations in Europe

EE SIM only Plans

EE SIM only plans

EE offers two types of SIM plans – Phone SIMs and Data SIMs. 

Phone SIM

Phone SIMPhone SIMs can be used on any 4G or 5G handset and include unlimited minutes and texts. You can choose 4G or 5G data allowance and length of contract or Pay as you go option. 

24 month contract 

EE SIM only 24 months Prices

1 month 

EE SIM only 30 days prices

Pay as you go SIM 

This is a free SIM and you will need to top up with 30 days pay as you go pack which is flexible to include minutes, data and texts you need. 

Choose 4GB – 60GB data with prices starting from £10 and speeds of up to 60Mbps.

Data SIM

Data SIMs are great option for tablets and WiFi dongles and they come with double speed 4G and various data allowances that you can choose from and flexible contract lengths and pay as you go option. 

24 month contract 

Data allowances start range between 5GB and 50GB and prices start from £15 a month.

1 month contract 

Data allowances start range between 5GB and 50GB and prices start from £8 a month. 

Pay as you go SIM 

PAYG SIM card is free but needs to be topped up with 30 days or 90 days add-on which allow you to choose from 200MB to 30GB and prices start from £2.

Pay monthly phones and Plans

EE 5G phons

EE offers a range of handsets including the latest 5G enabled Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G , Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G , Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro with various pay monthly plans. 

Prices range between £15 and £64 a month depending on the handset. Data allowances range between 30GB and 120GB or you can just choose unlimited data option. 

5G Smart Plans include free swappable benefits like BT Sport HDR and Amazon Prime Video.

Tablets, iPads, Watches and WiFi Dongles

EE tablet offers

Tablet offers from EE include some of the latest devices like iPad 11, iPad Pro 11, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and Huawei MediaPad T5 on pay monthly plans which include data allowances between 2GB and 20GB and prices start from £11.2 a month

Smart Watch Offers allow you to get Apple Watch series or SamSung Galaxy Watch 4G from £20 a month.

EE also offers mobile broadband devices like 4GEE WiFi Mini and 4GEE WiFi which allows you to connect multiple devices to be connected to mobile network. 

EE mobile benefits

EE Mobile Benefits

Swappable benefits 

When you subscribe for EE Smart plan, you get swappable benefits which allow you to choose from six free extras such as Amazon Prime Video, Video data pass, Music data pass, Roam Further Pass, BT Sport and Gamer’s Data pass. You can swap these features and enjoy them without any additional cost.

Apple Music

All EE mobile plans include 6 month free Apple Music and the data used by it. 

MTV Play

Likewise, you get 6 month free MTV Play and the data used by it.

BT Sport 

EE mobile plans include three month free BT Sport on app and TV and the data used by it.

EE Home Broadband

When you subscribe for EE home broadband package, you get 5G data boost every month on your mobile account. To know more about EE broadband, Read our EE broadband review.

Public WiFi

EE customers can access to Virgin Media WiFi on the London Underground without any additional charges.

EE network coverage

EE is the largest 4G & 5G network operator in the UK with wider coverage than any other network. Its 5G coverage will be extended to 70+ cities by the end of March 2020 while its 4G which offers up to 60Mbps speeds can reach 95% of the users in the UK.

EE network is found to be offering the fastest data speeds to its customers in many cities across the UK, according to the latest speed surveys by RootMetrics.

EE customer satisfaction

RootMetrics Report February 2020

EE was named the best and fastest mobile network by RootMetrics survey which found that EE offered average download speed of 95.6Mbps to its customers in H2 2019. 

According to Ofcom’s latest report on mobile service complaints, EE generated just 2 complaints per 100k customers in Q3 2019. It had fewer complaints when compared to major operators like Three, Vodafone, BT Mobile and O2.

Similarly, Ofcom’s April 2019 report on service quality revealed that 93% of EE customers are satisfied with EE.