BT TV Review

BT offers TV with broadband packages and it’s pay TV service is exclusively available to BT broadband customers. You will need to choose its triple play bundle or add broadband after choosing the TV pack.

All TV packages come with freeview channels, recordable Youview+ box, BT Sport and exclusive AMC channel as standard. 

Add-ons like Sky Cinema, Netflix, Sky Sports and Amazon prime can be added optionally. 

Along with a free TV app, BT also offers BT TV App Extra for £5 a month so you can watch shows on Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Tablets without any need for extra TV box.

BT TV and Broadband Deals

BT TV and broadband bundles combine fibre broadband plans with Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP TV packs. 

Monthly prices start from £49.99 a month for 24 months including line rental. After the initial contract term, when you renew the contract, post contract prices will apply. 

Special Offer: 
 £100 BT Reward card is included. Offer ends soon.

BT TV Packages and Channels

BT offers new range of  TV packages you can can choose from: 

  • Entertainment,
  • Big Entertainment
  • Classic Entertainment
  • VIP
  • Sport
  • Big Sport 

Just choose one of these packages and bundle it with standard or fibre broadband. The bundles include line rental and pay as you go calls as standard. 24 month contract and one-off setup will apply.

Entertainment TV

BT Entertainment TV

Entertainment TV pack includes freeview channels, Now TV Entertainment Pass and AMC 

BT Entertainment TV channels

Big Entertainment

BT Big Entertainment TV

Big Entertainment TV is packed with freeview channels, AMC, Now TV Entertainment Pass and Now TV Sky Cinema Pass

BT TV Big Entertainment channels



BT TV VIP package combines Big Entertainment channels  and Big Sport channels.

This ultimate pack includes Now TV Entertainment pass, Now TV Sky Sports Pass, BT Sport, Now TV Sky Cinema Pass and freeview channels.  

Sport TV 

BT Sport TV

BT Sport TV package includes BT Sport channels, BT ESPN, AMC and freeview channels

BT Sport TV channels

Big Sport 

BT TV Big Sport

Big Sport pack includes all the Sky Sport channels, BT Sport, AMC and freeview channels. 

BT TV Big Sport channels

Freeview channels 

All TV packages come with more than 80 freeview channels as standard 

Freeview TV channels

BT TV Boxes

BT ultra HD TV box

YouView+ box is included as standard TV box which comes with 300GB storage and can record and store 300 hours of TV shows in standard resolution. 

The 4K enabled TV box is included in VIP TV and it can record shows in ultra-HD 4K resolution. It can record 600 hours of TV shows in SD or 250 hours of HD content. 

BT TV Boxes


BT Add-ons

You can access more TV channels in a flexible way using add-on options. BT TV offers add-ons like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

You can also get an extra TV box for second room as an add-on or subscribe for TV app extra for multi-room TV watching.

BT TV customer satisfaction report

BT TV generated complaints above the industry average in Q3 2019, according to the latest Ofcom report .

Ofcom received 12 complaints per 100,000 BT TV customers during this quarterly period.

How good is BT TV?

BT offers less number of channels than Sky TV or Virgin Media TV but includes BT Sports in all TV bundles. 

Cheaper, when compared to Sky, but, BT TV is costlier than TalkTalk TV which also offers better customer service. 

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema which you can get as add-ons are slightly pricier when compared to Sky offers. 

BT TV is YouView based and its TV boxes can record maximum hours of 600, when compared to Sky Q 2TB which comes with twice this capacity and Sky also offers Mini boxes and more number of HD channels.