Now TV

Now TV Review

Now TV offers contract-free TV service (better known as TV Passes) packed with TV channels to suit the different needs of the users – entertainment, sports, movies and kids.

After superscribing for Now TV Passes, you can watch Now TV on your smart TV using Smart Stick or Smart Box. You can also stream Now TV on your TV set using a broadband connection.

You can watch NOW TV on a wide range of devices including PS4 and Xbox One, Roku, Chromecast and compatible mobile devices.

All Passes come with 7 days free trial and 12 month rolling offer. You can cancel them at any time as no contract term applies.

How to get Now TV and how it works?

Subscription and activation

Now TV is a sub-brand of Sky TV and you will need to subscribe for the Passes to watch Now TV. One month subscription is minimum, and it will be rolled over to next month, if you do not cancel the service. Three month, one week and even one day Passes are available for Sports Pass. 

The next step is to create Now TV account and after entering the necessary details, your account will be activated and you can stream Now TV on your TV or devices. 

Devices you need to stream Now TV

Now TV Smart StickYou can choose any one of the following option to watch Now TV:

  • Now TV Boxes: You can watch Now TV without the need of any extra devices
  • Smart Stick: Using this small device inserted into the HDMI port, you can watch Now TV on smart TV sets or compatible devices
  • Roku streamers, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, EETV and PS4 can also be used to watch Now TV

Now TV Passes

now tv passes

There are Now TV Memberships – Entertainment, Cinema and Sports and Kids. You can subscribe as many Memberships as you like and you can cancel at any time.

You can register up to 6 devices and stream TV content to 60 different devices including PC, laptop, ipad and smartphone. The app allows you to watch TV on mobile devices.

You can watch TV shows from channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Sky Crime, Fox and Sky Witness.
You get catch up and get access to 300+ Box-Sets all On Demand.

Sky Cinema
Includes 1000+ movies all On Demand. You can watch a premiere everyday.

Sky Sports
Includes 5 Sky Sports channels. You can also buy day pass, week pass or mobile monthly pass

Now Broadband

Now TV also offers standard (11Mbps) and fibre broadband (36Mbps & 63Mbps) plans. Now broadband customers get discount when they bundle TV passes from Now TV.

Top features of Now broadband 

  • Unlimited data
  • No contract 
  • Inclusive calls
  • Cost-saving TV & broadband bundles 
  • Free activation

Monthly prices start from £18.

Now TV Smart Box and Now TV Smart Stick

now tv devices

Smart Box allows you to watch TV shows on your TV using broadband. It’s 4K enabled and easy to setup.
You will get 1 month free TV passes, when you buy smart box.

Smart Stick can be connected to compatible TV and you can stream TV shows using WiFi. Again, there are various smart stick bundles available