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Sky TV Review

Sky offers its TV service through satellite dish. Sky TV is available as packages on its own or as bundles with broadband and phone.

To watch Sky TV channels, you will need either Sky Q 1TB set-top box or Sky Q 2TB box which can record huge volume of videos online and a set-top box is included in the package.

Sky TV comes with the base pack (Sky Signature) which includes freeview channels and exclusive Sky channels. Additional channels like Sky Sports, BT Sport, Sky Cinema and Sky Kids can be added for extra cost.

Sky offers Sky Go app which allows you to watch Sky TV on your mobile devices.

Sky Q Box

Sky Q box

Sky Q 1TB box is offered as standard set-top with TV packages for no extra cost. It comes with all popular apps like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. It can store up to 500 hours of TV shows and can record three TV shows at the same time.

Sky Q 2TB box is compatible with 4K resolution videos, but it comes with hefty upfront cost. It also comes with larger capacity of 2TB.

There are also Sky Q Mini boxes which allow you to watch TV on devices like tablets in any room using WiFi. This add-on comes with additional monthly subscription

Sky TV Packages

Sky offers following TV packages on their own or  you can add broadband to make them triple-play bundles

  • Sky TV 
  • Sky Ultimate TV 
  • Sky TV, Broadband and Talk
  • Add-ons 

Sky TV 

Sky TV or Sky Signature is the standard TV pack from Sky. It comes with 300+ TV channels that include 70 entertainment, 15 factual, 3 movies, 6 News, 10 music, 4 kids channels etc. Exclusive Sky Atlantic is included. Top Asian and Indian channels are also included for no extra cost.

Sky TV channels

You can also access to 40+ catch up channels like BBC iPlayer, itv, 4, 5 etc 

Entertainment also offers 500+ Sky Box Sets which allow you to watch on demand content from Sky, HBO and AMC

Sky Ultimate TV 

Sky Ultimate TV includes all the channels of Sky TV and Netflix

Sky Ultimate TV

You can watch and enjoy all the most popular streaming sites Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Spotify. 

Sky TV deals start from £29 a month. Setup fee applies. 18 month contract applies.

Sky TV and Broadband

Sky offers a wide range of bundles that include Sky TV, fibre broadband and calls. The bundles allow you to get superfast broadband with Sky TV packs including Sky Sports, BT Sport and Netflix. 

Sky offers two broadband plans – Essential Broadband (11Mbps) and Superfast Broadband (59Mbps). Pay As You Go calls included as standard.

Sky TV and Broadband

Prices start from £39 a month. Setup fee applies. 18 month contract applies.

Sky TV Add-ons 

You can add more channels by subscribing for Add-ons. These TV packs can be added to the base TV pack or to your broadband plan.

Sky offers following TV Add-ons:

  • Sports
  • Cinema
  • Kids
  • HD
  • Ultra HD
  • Multiscreen

Sky Sports 

Sky Sports

Sky Sports Channels

Includes Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Mix as base pack and you have option to add all Sky Sports channels and BT Sport that will cost extra. 

Sky Cinema 

Sky Cinema

Includes 14 movie channels that pack 11 Sky Cinema channels. Exclusive movies and more than 1000 movies on demand are available in HD. 

Ultra HD & HD

Sky Ultra HD TV

Sky HD channels

Includes HD and Ultra HD channels, sports in 4K. Watch Netflix Premium on multiple screens simultaneously.  

Sky TV service quality and customer satisfaction levels

Sky TV has consistently performed well as a TV service provider in the UK over many quarters.

Ofcom Pay TV report

According to Ofcom Q4 2018 consumer complaints report, Sky TV had the lowest volume of complaints (less than 2 per 100,000 customers) in Q4 2018.

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